Going to HandyCon

Handy Cross Roundabout

HandyCon is biannual board game convention which focuses on playing games as opposed to accumulating them. It was originally held in High Wycombe and takes its name from the Handy Cross roundabout on the edge of town. Tragically however, news of its existence took a long time to filter into our Wycombe-based headquarters, and by the time it reached us they had skipped town for the sunny uplands of Maidenhead.

Despite this setback, we are pleased to announce that we’ll be sailing down the A404 this coming weekend for HandyCon 6, HandyCon August 2019, or whatever you wish to call it. Not to mention, we will be seizing on yet another opportunity to playtest Circulari! We have another couple of gameplay tweaks to test and we’d love to have your feedback.

Playtesting at HandyCon works a little differently to other events we’ve been to. At a typical Playtest UK event for example, designers have relatively short slots and there are a lot of volunteers to help funnel players into games and keep occupancy high. I’m told that HandyCon, on the other hand, is a more leisurely experience. Table slots are nice and long, but the getting people interested in playing is subject to fate.

Come and help fate smile on us, Circulari will be on the table:

  • All day on Friday the 9th the August
  • From 3pm on Saturday the 10th of August

at HandyCon 6 this weekend.

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