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Introducing Circulari

Draft Circulari Rule Book

Things are beginning to fall into place, not least our new name. The game formerly known as the The Disc is now Circulari.

I was fond of the original name and it was tough to let it go. It had a certain austerity to it which still appeals to me. However, but I think the new one is more distinctive and will work out better in the long run. These days it’s important to have a name that’s easy to search for and a single pre-existing word might be a struggle, not to mention the international variations in the spelling of “disc”. Most importantly of all, it avoids in any way conjuring up a fantasy setting such as, er… Discworld in people’s imaginations.

Circulari is a game about extracting resources from that most difficult of terrain, the vicinity of a black hole. Thankfully however, no one will have to suffer player elimination at the hands of its gravity well. Players scrabble for victory safely out in accretion disc, competing and ocassionally cooperating over the limited resources at hand. It might be a Eurogame, but multiplayer solitaire it is not!

Circulari is targetted for a 2020 release.